Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jerusalem: Yad Vashem

Well, that's a lot of photos. Almost a month ago, we got back from an amazing family trip that has been in the making for years. We went to Israel, France, Andorra, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands over six weeks. I'll be sharing some of my photos on here over the next few weeks.

Israel was the first country we visited. My mum was born there but left when she was 13, so she wanted to go and see the Kibbutz where she lived. To be honest, I wasn't too sure how I would like Israel; I was looking forward to Europe more. The food would be nice -- I knew before we went -- so I would enjoy that part. But the landscape? Things to see? I imagined it as the media shows: a dry, barren wasteland of a country. Well, it was exactly the opposite. Jerusalem is a beautiful city, a melting pot of beliefs and ethnicities. We tried the best pomegranates in the world (unfortunately, I was so busy eating them I forgot to take any photos), and enjoyed lots of breads, cakes, and, most importantly, falafels and hummus. 

But getting to the photos in this post... This was the first day we were in Jerusalem, the first day of our holiday. We decided to go to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum. The place was set up really well with gardens and views of the city, modern architecture, and a Memorial Cave filled with the names of people who perished in the Holocaust. That was just outside. Children under 10 are not allowed to go into the actual museum as there are graphic images and stories, so my mum stayed out with my sisters, and my dad, brother, and I went in. There is so much to read, we could've spent the whole day in there. I would've taken photos inside, but it's not allowed. The photos of the crowns and the Torah are from the museum's synagogue. Below that is a metal People Tree, an artistic memorial in the surrounding gardens. The carriage is an original one used in the war to transport people. The way they were crammed in there, one on top of the other, was horrible, and many died inside. 

That first day at Yad Vashem was good, a reminder of what the persecuted suffered. 

Photo of me taken by my brother.


  1. It must've made everything you've read so much more real...
    Your photos are good, as always. :) And Israel does look much nicer than I imagined...
    I like that poem too, and the people tree. Who wore the crowns, or when were they from?
    Anyway, I'll be looking forward to more posts about your trip! :)

    1. Thanks :)
      I'm not exactly sure who wore those crowns, but they were all Jewish stuff that made it through the Holocaust.
      I'll have to post my next 'instalment' soon. :)

  2. Israel is definitely a place I would go back.
    It has left lots of memories in my mind.
    What a contrast of cultures, religions, etc.
    The food was outstanding. I loooooveeeee the pomegranates, the best in the world!!


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