Thursday, January 24, 2013

guest post | Jessica.

a few weeks ago, I asked my bestest friend, Jessica, to write a guest post for me so we could have a bit of variation on this blog-o-mine. I know she doesn't have a blog, and all, (she's thinking of making one soon! stay tuned..) but that doesn't stop her from writing, does it?! she agreed. she loves reading heaps, and since she couldn't think of anything to write, she decided to share her love of books with others. by writing a book report.  sooo, friends. 
I present to you Jessica!

                                         Hi everyone!

Just a few days ago I finished reading a book, Twice Freed by Patricia St. John. I had been wanting to read it for quite a while, so when I saw it, I just ‘had’ to buy it. So I’ve decided to do a review of this book. Now I have never done a book review before, or posted on a blog, so here goes…

This book is set back in New Testament times, soon after Jesus was crucified. The main character in the story is Onesimus. Onesimus is a slave, and although his master Philemon treats him well, his heart longs for a time when he can be truly free. But he waits patiently, and works hard. One day while climbing through the hills at his leisure, he meets a little surprise, that he promises to meet again.

He is happy enough worshiping his father’s gods, and when his master Philemon accepts a strange teaching concerning a crucified Jew, Onesimus doesn’t want to hear about it. Even his mother, who had accepted it herself, cannot persuade him. He decides that such religion is not for him.

One day the opportunity he has waited so long for comes. He escapes, and feels he is truly free. No one is there to tell him what to do. But he suddenly realizes, the things about being a slave he took for granted, he now must provide for himself; a place to sleep and something to eat. Thankfully he has managed to collect a little purse of coins. He travels around and ends up in the grand city of Rome. Another boy befriends him, and he is glad for the company. Unfortunately this ‘friend’ who turns out to be a wolf in sheeps clothing, steals his money and disappears.

He is a strong young man, and having nothing else to do, and the promise of good food and accommodation, he trains to be a gladiator. He finds a friend in another of the gladiators, and is once again glad for someone to talk to. Life isn't so bad until one day they were entertaining the crowds at the colosseum, and Nero the Emperor, wanting something new and exciting, orders Onesimus and his only friend to fight each other. It was a half-hearted battle, and finally ended in a heartbroken Onesimus. He felt as if there were no happiness left in life for him, and he went down to the riverbank, purposing to end his life.  

But where ever he went, no matter where it seemed, there were always these people called Christians. He could never seem to get away from them. Everyone was talking about this Jesus of Nazareth, and one of his followers, named Paul. But, as he was on the river bank, fainting from loss of blood, one of these Christians took Onesimus into his home, where Onesimus recovers, gives his life to serve this Jesus, makes his wrongs right, and goes back to see his surprise.

So, I found this to be a really good book. It’s one of the kind you can’t put down; full of action. It is seriously worth reading, and aside from being a good story, it shows that you can go the world over searching for freedom, and not find it until you surrender your heart and life to Christ.

Many happy readings!

thank you very much, happy-reader Jessica! 


  1. Thank you Jessica!
    I really enjoyed your report. Very well written. It sounds like a very good book.(I will look forward to it when you make a blog!)
    Miss you Jess (and Niv!),
    God Bless,

  2. Hi Shanna!
    Nice to hear from you. :)Glad you enjoyed reading this post. I'm in the process of creating a blog at them moment. I'll e-mail you the link when I'm done. :)
    Miss you too,

  3. Well done Jessica, you've done a great job with this book review.
    I might just read it when you send it our way.

    Looking forward to seeing your blog.



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