Tuesday, January 3, 2012


dear 2012,
welcome into my life. in the past few weeks, i thought you would never get here. but now it seems like you came way too quick... i wasn't expecting you so early. but you're here and there's no way of sending you back. you will be here for a while (a year to be exact), and then you will slip away and you will be replaced by 2013. but that is only if the world doesn't come to an end before.
it was a little sad for me to farewell 2011, but that's ok because there's more happiness in it than sadness - you, 2012, are bringing us closer to the day Yahshua comes to take us home. i am looking forward to that, as i am sure many others are.
it was sad for me to say goodbye to the memories, not the year, i should say. but i will make many memories while you're around, i can be sure of that. in the four short days of this year, i have already made some memories. and, tomorrow to the 20th jan. i will be on holiday with my brother, so that will make lots of memories, too. we are going to the do and dare youth bible camp. i will make new friends and see oldish friends which makes for new memories which become old memories. so, you see, in the end i will be sad to say goodbye to you, too.
so i shall say - hello 2012!
farewell 2011!
with love,
from me xo

ps:: here are some good pics i took in 2011 (and there might be one or two from 2012)...

i just had to post a photo of one of my l.o.v.a.b.l.e. chickens. my leghorn who doesn't have a name. poor thing!

we had a great, hot summer... this was my brother's birthday; we went to a place called crystal creek. it is really fun. we jumped in for hours. sooo fun, right? :D

and finally, this is a flower that proved to be a great subject for a photo. i think it is fun taking photos, isn't it photography-loving-people?

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  1. Hello Nivi,

    I really like this post. :) The letter and the photos...

    Have a really good holiday!

    Love you,


thanks for the thoughts!