Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life = Experiences

Hello to all my readers! I guess it's time for my monthly post. :D

I am at my grandma's house at the moment, and I would like to share an experience I had on my journey here.

It took three flights to get here, although we aren't that far apart. I had to be carrying three "bags" at the same time: my camera bag, my suitcase (because we bought a ticket with only hand-luggage), and my pillow. It was a whole day traveling; I was a bit nervous I would get on the wrong flight or something. But, thankfully, Yahweh brought me safely here. Just after I got out of my second flight to wait a few minutes in the airport before boarding my third flight, I sat down and got comfortable. I put my pillow on the floor with my suitcase... And then I realized! My camera bag was missing! I quickly asked a kind lady that was sitting next to me if she could please look after my things while I went to get my bag. I ran back through the entrance to the plane, but an air hostess stopped me and said they had already closed the plane. I told her why I was going and she said she would get it for me. She found it for me and I thanked her and the lady that was looking after me things so much.

I was blessed I realized when I did; it would've been so bad if I had boarded my next flight without realizing.

Enjoy my story (even though it's poorly told) and always look after your things.

Yah bless,



  1. Whew! Good thing eh? That kind of thing has definitely happened to me. Praise Yah!


  2. oh wow!!! haha actually sounds like something I would do.. :-D

    I'm so happy you were able to get your bag before the plane took off!



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