Thursday, May 19, 2011

Green! Blue and White, too!

Each photo is much the same really, yet they are all unique.
I hope you all like green, blue, and white!



  1. oh my! They're beautiful, Nivi! I love them! Such a pretty landscape!

  2. Nice pictures... I would change the text color to black, because I can see barely anything =P

  3. Wow, beautiful photos! The clouds look really cool :) ...yeah I agree with Zach.. I can't see the text =\

  4. Thanks for the compliments. :D

    I know the text is bad, but how do I change it permanently to black?

    This is what happens to me:
    Every time I make a new post I have to select the text colour manually. Default is grey (which actually turns to white)and I want black. Even if I choose black from the drop-down menu, any time I insert a photo or perhaps press enter, I have to change it to black again. It's really annoying. And sometimes, like today, I forget...

    Thanks for your help if you can!



thanks for the thoughts!