Monday, March 21, 2011

About a Book and a Challenge

Well, since I haven't written for a week, I thought I'd post of a book that I just read (I don't know how I got to that conclusion, but I just felt like it).

I have recently joined a reading challenge (, and am planning to read heaps of books this year...

The book that I read is (lent from my friend) called Nellie the Brave, written by Veda Boyd Jones.

It is a story about "The Cherokee Trail of Tears". It is one of a collectible series of 24 titles called Sisters In Time (all of different stories).

Although it is fictitious, it is based on a real story. Written to suit 8 - 12 year olds, it's very interesting and, like Vera's Journey, is very well written.

Nellie is the main character in this story; it shows her point of view of when the Cherokee were forced out of their land. It describes the sicknesses and tells what life was like for the Cherokee; also what it meant for them to be leaving the land of their forefathers - how hurt, sad, and angry they were with the whites.

Nellie and her family were Christians, so it shows the difference between their thoughts and feelings, and the thoughts and feelings of the average Cherokee.

So, I really enjoyed Nellie the Brave, and if you ever read it, I hope you will, too.

Explore this website(, they have some REALLY GOOD stuff there. Even some of their DVDs are good. We bought heaps of DVDs and books from them...

Hope to hear from all you people soon,

P.S. You can also have a look inside the book here: .

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